Want to Make Something Prized? You Need More Time!

Jewelry Arts InstituteIn today’s age of speed, anyone would hardly like to hear a statement, emphasizing the importance of patience. Still, we have to agree there are some things which if we give time to make, become outstanding. This very principle is being applied in Jewelry Arts Institute, in New York, where passionate students are given training of creating ancient jewelry.

The institute was founded by Robert M. Kulicke, an artist and a goldsmith, partnering with Jean Stark, with the name Stark-Kulicke Institute, in 1974, which became the Jewelry Arts Institute, later in 1984. Robert M. Kulicke was fascinated by the techniques used by antique goldsmiths and jewelry makers and before he died in 2007, he brought his dream, of establishing an institute for restoring and teaching those techniques, in reality.

The institute is located in the one-time studio of Mr. Kulicke and teaches various techniques developed by Egyptian, Byzantine, Roman, Greek and Etruscan jewelers. It is renowned to be one of the few places where the ancient Byzantine method of glass enameling and Egyptian method of gold granulation, in which fine gold granules are created and used to make various patterns, are taught.


Other exquisite techniques taught at the institute include jewelry-making with fine wires, drawn by heating metal ingots and coiled into intricate shapes, as well as setting of filigree and gemstones, after their cabochon shaping and polishing.

The students are taught in groups of four or five and they start learning by replicating ancient museum pieces, according to the replicas created by their instructors. Basic metal working skills, like alloying, hammering, casting, soldering, and fusing, and polishing as well as setting of gemstones, are taught to them. Only after they master these basic techniques, they are allowed to create their independent designs.

People are tempted to stay in the institute and the institute allows them to stay for whatever time they want, even for lifetime! Jeanette Caines is the director of the institute and she came here before 20 years and decided never to go back. Elizabeth Simpson is an art historian and archeologist and brings her students to JAI for demonstrations and many of them end up in enrolling at the institute. What amazes them the most is the making of chains and wires without using a drawplate, making it an arduous task which ends up in prized pieces, according to Elizabeth.

earrings 2

The institute makes it compulsory for the students to enroll at least for a semester. However, schedules are organized freely. Students are to pay for the lessons they attend and there isn’t any limit. Some enthusiastic students actually stay for years.

Though the institute can give certificates to students, they don’t ask for it. This is because, the institute doesn’t teach a commercial making or repair of jewelry. Students enroll, not in the urge of a diploma or to get a job, but for the skills that are taught here. Students are encouraged here to look at jewelry as an art.

So, if you too think that jewelry is an art and should be learnt and expressed slowly, steadily, patiently and humbly, so as to make something outstanding and prized, enroll at the Jewelry Arts Institute.

Get more information at: http://jewelryartsinstitute.com/