Diamonds – the Safest Investment

safest investment - diamondDiamonds may be mainly women’s center of attraction, but they also interest men too a lot because they are considered one of the most profitable investments. And not all women are interested in wearing diamonds, but looking at them as an investment, i.e. reselling them. But many people are skeptical about investing in diamonds. For them, here are some prominent benefits of diamond investment.

The most recommended investment mix approved by investment experts from all over the world is:

  • 1/3 fixed interest securities
  • 1/3 real estate
  • 1/3 movable assets like diamonds

So, diamonds come under movable assets and investing in them has some distinct advantages:

  • Security against disasters like market collapse, inflation and currency reforms
  • Anonymity (you need not register anywhere)
  • Safe from bankruptcy
  • You can trade on them anywhere in the world. In other words, diamonds (besides gold) is the only alternative currency accepted internationally which has the same value across the world
  • Tax free value gains
  • You don’t have to bear any maintenance cost as long as they are with you
  • Cost independence – diamond prices don’t change according to government laws and so, they retain their value, even if there is recession
  • History of great price performance – history has proven that diamonds have performed always well overcoming any economic and price slumps
  • History has also proven that other major valuable entities lost their value some or the other time, like a world war can diminish the value of any currency, value of real estate also can lessen, resources can be replaced by new technologies, companies can be ruined by competition; but nothing has been ever found to undermine the value of diamonds. By now, most diamonds mines have become known to all, and so, diamonds are going to be even rarer, just like any other natural resource. This fact maintains the long term value of diamonds.
  • Diamonds (along with valued artworks) are amongst those very few commodities that have a combination of practical use and investment value. This means while you can wear diamonds as jewelry, they also denote your safest investments.
  • The predicted widening of the gap between demand and supply of diamonds means diamond is going to be valued higher and higher.
  • Last but not the least, while all other luxury goods, like furniture, car, furs, etc lose their value with time, diamonds don’t! This is of course because of its strong structure and everlasting brilliance.

What Do Experts Say?

Investment experts advise:

  • If you want to gain speculative or very high returns, don’t invest in diamonds.
  • If a very secure investment is the one you are looking for, which maintains and strengthens its basic value which you can transfer at any desired time, diamonds are the best investment option!

Koby Kamhaji is one of the most popular diamond traders and diamond investment advisors in the world. He has involved in numerous deals of diamond trading. Koby has been a diamond buyer and seller in many situations and has practiced his trade throughout the world.