Don’t Buy Perfumes, Just Buy Jewelry

scented jewelryIf you are a fashion-conscious lady with a very keen sense of dressing, jewelry, perfume and other accessories, how will you feel if you can wear trendy jewelry and a delightful perfume at the same time? Yes, the new trend is about to come with Lisa Hoffman’s new line of perfumed jewelry. Lisa Hoffman, wife of actor Dustin Hoffman, is a successful professional in the beauty industry since 2007. Along with jeweler Tom Binns, she has come up with the line of fragrance jewelry.

Though currently there is no individual section like scented jewelry, Lisa is very hopeful that soon it will be and there will be an increasing craze for such type of jewelry. Why she chose Tom Binns’ designs for her new jewelry line is an incident when her husband gifted her a piece created by the eminent jeweler, which she liked a lot. Just last year, she visited Los Angeles to meet Binns and discussed her idea of scented jewelry, which he loved, because he thought that jewelry and perfume is worn on the same parts of the body. The organic connection between fragrances and jewelry thrilled both the professionals and the very stylish perfumed jewelry was created.

perfumed jewelry

The jewelry has an equal proportion of the skills of both the professionals. Binns has created curved pendants in shape of pods, inside which are fragrant beads. The fragrance is emitted through small vents in the pendants. The pendants have been formed of eco-friendly material. The scents are the creations of Lisa’s beauty line and include Japanese Agarwood, Tunisian Neroli, Madagascar Orchid, Tuscan Fig and French Clary Sage.

perfumed jewelry2

Finding such a medium to carry the fragrances that won’t react negatively with the material of the jewelry was challenging. Hoffman has formed the beads of wood feather-based material and Binns selected five metals which can go well with the five fragrances, and they were brushed gold, bronze, rose gold, gold and rhodium. All the pendants are for $250. Cuffs are for $300 and will be available November, while earrings are for $200 and will come for sale in January.

perfumed pendant

The idea of fragrance jewelry is definitely unique and can speed up a new trend in the jewelry industry. Before this, Chloé had launched a similar product, but in a different form. It was Chloé Solid Perfume Necklace which is a simple pendant containing the signature perfume of the brand. The pendant is engraved intricately and encases the original unique notes of rose which can be applied behind ears, and on neck and wrists, just to give a delicate touch of the scent. This product was a big hit and sold at tremendous speed, each piece costing $60. On this background, Hoffman and Binns’ scented pendants have definitely created hopes for a new style statement.

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