What You Need the Most for Your Jewelry!

jewelry insuranceThis week, rather than this month, no… for many months, I am continuously going through jewelry robberies news. And then I understand the importance of insurance increasingly. Jewels are important. The person who collects them, or the woman who wears them, knows their importance. They look lovely and please our eyes with their colors and shine. They even bring good luck to the wearer or owner, with particular rays they emit. All in all, when they are stolen, the sorrow of losing them cannot be softened by anything else. Still, at least their price in millions can be recovered, with jewelry insurance.

I came to know about a very good scheme proposed by the most trusted and the only specialized company in jewelry insurance in the US and Canada, Jewelers Mutual. The scheme is named Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance. Retailers mentioning this scheme to their customers extend their service beyond sale, and thus, strengthen the relationship with the customers, which is more important. If their customers insure the jewelry with the scheme, and if they suffer loss or damage, the retailers receive direct payment for the replacement or repair related to claim.

This has some additional advantages too, like:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Absolutely free for the jewelers
  • High chances of repeat business

Jewelers Mutual is based at Neenah, Wisconsin. It is a 100-year old company and specializes exclusively in jewelry insurance. The company is offering coverage for jewelers’ customers, since 1953, for the repair and replacement, maintaining same quality.

Jewelers Mutual has received exclusive endorsements from eminent jewelry associations in the US and Canada, like Jewelers of America, American Gem Society and Canadian Jewellers Association. It has received A+ Superior rating continuously from A.M. which reflects best in its strong fiscal status.

Jewelers Mutual was established in 1913, by jewelers who required reasonably priced insurance. Today, the company offers jewelry insurance to everyone related to the industry, like manufacturers, retailers, appraisers, artisans, custom designers, bench jewelers, wholesalers, as well as individuals. The company has earned the trust of over 10,000 policyholders to insure their business, and of more than 260,000 policyholders who have personal jewelry and $4 billion of insurance coverage.

So, if you have a splendid collection of jewelry, it is better to insure it with the most trusted insurance provider of the country, like Jewelers Mutual. You can get more information on their website http://www.perfectcircleinsurance.com/ or can contact on 800-558-6411, ext. 2118.

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