The Brilliant Sapphire – How Will You Choose It?

blue sapphire ringSapphire is an exquisite alternate to diamonds and actually they are sometimes even more beautiful because they come in so many colors! Literally they are available in all colors of the rainbow. Sapphires are preferred to diamonds because of their affordability, but actually they are equally as gorgeous as diamonds and sapphire engagement rings are gaining a great popularity nowadays.

Affordability of Sapphire – A Great Plus Point

Sapphire being so affordable, you can buy a much bigger sapphire for the same cost as that of a smaller diamond. Obviously, the bigger its size, the more is its sparkle and beauty. Therefore more and more brides are preferring sapphire for their engagement as well as wedding rings.

peach sapphire

What to Consider?

Shape, color and size are three important factors to consider while choosing a perfect sapphire for you. Unlike diamonds, no standard measures of the 4 Cs are applied to sapphires. While choosing a color, its saturation should be taken primarily into consideration. The more saturated the color, the more high-quality the stone is. Sapphires having an evenly spread coloration are considered of higher quality than lighter, inkier, darker or less saturated sapphires. Also check keenly whether there is any imperfections in the stone, visible to unaided eye.

pear shaped peach sapphire

Regarding shape, if you are going to wear sapphire as the center stone, you have a number of choices. In general, the most popular shapes are oval, round and cushion. The commonest size of a round sapphire is 6mm which is equivalent to a 0.75 carat diamond, though bigger and smaller sizes are also available. Another excellent choice is 8 x 6 mm oval sapphires. Such a brilliant large sapphire is studded on the engagement ring of Kate Middleton, formerly worn by Princess Diana.

pink sapphire and surrounding diamonds

Usually, sapphire engagement rings feature diamond accent and/or engraving details. These offer additional contrast and complexity to the design. A three-stone sapphire ring wherein two diamonds flank a center sapphire is also a popular choice.

purple sapphire

If you want a luxe appearance, try sapphire halo diamond ring wherein diamond accents enclose the central sapphire. The above-mentioned engagement ring of Kate Middleton features a central oval sapphire surrounded by 14 round diamonds. The combination of sapphire and diamonds is a fabulous one and offers the wearer an exceptional look. However rings with sapphires alone are not less beautiful. The vibrant sapphire compensates for the absence of other stones and has the power to offer the wearer that desired special look – in fact, it attracts more eyes being sparkling singly on the finger.single sapphireVisit to view an exquisite collection of sapphire engagement rings of a mind-blowing variety. The images in this article is their courtesy.

surrounded by diamonds